Advanced Remedial Massage, Musculoskeletal Therapy, Bowen Therapy and Kinesiology

Ravel Therapies is located at Neutral Bay on the Lower North Shore, and Balgowlah on the Northern Beaches

Using orthopaedic tests, movement dysfunction analysis, advanced soft tissue manipulation,  joint release techniques, and exercise therapy, our experienced remedial massage therapist  assesses and helps resolve your condition quickly. We strategically employ advanced Remedial Massage, Musculoskeletal Therapy, Bowen Therapy and Kinesiology techniques.


With home reinforcement exercises to correct muscle imbalances, we empower you to sustain your improved health.
We also work closely with our Kinesiologists, addressing the mind-body-energy connection for profound and lasting results.



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Remedial Massage

  • Lasting results for chronic pains
  • Quick recovery from acute injuries
  • Gentle spinal, pelvic and rib realignment
  • Detailed orthopaedic assessment and advice
  • Pregnancy massage and post natal treatment
  • Advanced Musculoskeletal & Bowen therapist

Exercise & Sports Massage

  • Address posture for lasting results
  • Correct muscular imbalances
  • Prevent injury recurrences
  • Improve sports performance
  • Exercise therapy learned from sports physios

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  • Identify nutritional excesses or deficiencies
  • Detect food and chemical sensitivities
  • Resolve emotional, physical or mental stress
  • Release fears and phobias and self-sabotage
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and patterns